Great Neighbors Make Great Neighbors

Quick Start Guide:
Being Productive In Our Co-Working Space

We're thrilled you're here! At Small Town Startup's co-working space, our goal is to give you a great place to get work done, connect and network with our community and enjoy Robertson County, Tennessee.

Here are a few tips and tricks to getting the most out of your membership.

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Common Area Usage

We understand work means more than just typing on a computer! It's meetings, phone calls, Zoom chats and more. Within our co-working space, we've created a few zones for this to help keep everything running smoothly as we all work together.

When you first enter the co-working space, you'll see our "rec" area with couches and loveseats, as well as a Community Room (lovingly called the You Got This room) with two tables that seat up to four people each. The noise level here should be kept just above library level - a quick hello or quick conversation with another member is no problem! But please, no phone calls should happen in this open area, unless you are able to go into the Community Room and close the door behind you.

Between the two Dedicated Desk Suites, you'll find another common area with desks set up for all members to use. You can pop in here anytime to take a phone call if it's available, and close the door behind you to do so.

Last but not least, if you head down the long hallway, you'll find several bar-top tables and even a hidden table around the back corner for you to take calls or do Zoom chats at as well. This bit of separation from the common area space does wonders for noise reduction! 

Last but not least, most memberships have a dedicated amount of time where you can rent out the classroom, conference room or even podcast studio - we call them credits. You may use these credits at any time, and with as little as a few minutes notice, to book a space for a private phone call you can confidently speak during and won't disturb others in the space. It's as easy as jumping onto your OfficeRnD app. Need help? Contact Bethea anytime to get set up!

Always have headphones on while on phone calls, unless you are alone in a room with the door closed and no one else is with you. This helps to reduce the noise for your neighbors. Same with music and videos - please wear your headphones while you enjoy your tunes and watch your favorite YouTube videos and TikToks (and work stuff, too)!

Dedicated Desk members may take phone calls or be on chats at anytime with their door closed. Please be courteous of your office mates!

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Kitchen Usage

Coffee, anyone? Coffee is available to you all day, Monday-Friday, from 9-5 pm. We also have a variety of soft drinks, bottled waters and more in the fridge. Help yourself!

You may use the fridge and microwave as you please. We have napkins, paper plates and disposable utensils in the drawer closest to the fridge for you to use, too.

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Business Center

Print up to 100 black and white copies per month, receive your mail and packages, or package something to be shipped out easily in our Business Center! 

Your new business mailing address is:

Your Name

Small Town Startup

101 5th Avenue West, Second Floor

Springfield, TN 37172

Mail and packages are typically delivered to mailboxes by 3 pm each weekday. Large packages are put under the table the mailbox cubby is on. We will email you at the email address on your membership file when you receive a package so you have a head's up. 

If you have a stamped letter to mail out, please either bring it to Bethea and she'll get it sent out, or head to the ground floor and just outside the double doors there is an outbox available for you to place it into to.

Concierge Services

Need help printing something? Have to have a quick package that needs to be shipped out? Want to learn how to work OfficeRnD so you can book a space? Wondering how to use the podcast studio? Looking for a great place to grab lunch? Need a guest greeted and brought to the conference room for a meeting?

Bethea, our co-working concierge, is here to help! She can do all the above and so much more. Head over to her desk anytime for help, or shoot her a quick email here.