The people who make the magic happen

In addition to an industry-expert bench of photographers, videographers, copy-writers, graphic designers, accountants and lawyers ready to help our clients at a moment's notice, we also have a hardworking team right here in the office helping small businesses throughout middle Tennessee and beyond daily.


Here are some friendly faces you may see when you stop by.





Lisa has more than a decade of marketing experience, working for tech startups and global brands alike. She's traveled the world for her career, and now calls Springfield, Tennessee home. She's passionate about helping small businesses in small towns thrive.



Non-Profit Consulting Manager

Joanne brings decades of experience in the non-profit sector, with experience ranging from professional fundraiser, to grant-writer to executive director of large organizations in the Mid-West. She's excited to help our non-profit clients grow, and grow the Small Town Startup Non-Profit Resource Center.


Front Desk Receptionist

Rachel is the one-woman-welcoming-committee here at Small Town Startup. She is who you see when you come off the elevator. She keeps the ship running and is responsible for making sure your time with us is great. She also does a lot of things behind the scenes to keep us all in line.




Community Manager

Jenny is the queen of all things design. When you step into our offices, you'll see her incredible artwork throughout - from our handpainted wallpaper to huge canvases. She's great at making people feel comfortable and welcomed wherever they are - whether it's online or in our co-working space.



Marketing Intern

Mackenzie is entering her third year at UTC Chattanooga. She loves all things marketing and event planning, and has been helping with everything from photoshoots with our social media clients, to running our Girls Who Lead Summer Camp, to helping put together new furniture - because small businesses, amiright?





Jonny is the mastermind behind most of our videos and professional photography. He loves helping small businesses thrive, especially throughout Robertson County since he was born and raised here. You'll often find him doing anything it takes to get the perfect shot even if it gets a little, well, funny - and we love him for it.

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