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Ready to give our Retail Incubator Program a try?

Small Town Startup was started with one goal in mind: to grow small businesses in small towns. One way we do this is through our retail incubator program for entrepreneurs interested in their own retail space. Through this program, we allow business owners to test out or expand on an idea with the benefits of low overhead and short lease terms, monthly consultations, training and networking events all geared toward helping them prove their business model, achieve business growth, and have long-term stability and success.


Frequently asked questions about Small Town Startup's Retail Incubator Program


Who is our retail incubator program for?

  • Our retail program is ideal for retail business owners. Perhaps you've been selling at markets, and in other people's retail stores wholesale- but you're ready to take this thing solo. Our program is an incubator or test opportunity for those of you that are thinking you might like to have a larger retail space in Springfield, Tennessee in the future. Small Town Startup's incubator program is for business owners - not a space for pyramid sellers or network marketers. 

  • Who has previously been in a Small Town Startup Incubator?  
    Wine City Candle Co., The Artisan Bar, Ophelia Home, Chíc Closet Couture, Kenny Bob's Foods, and Eunoia Fabrics 

  • What are the costs associated with the program?
    The program is $1,000/month* and includes the front space of our retail incubators with total square footage of around 550 square feet including storage. Your program fee not only includes your retail space, but it also includes all utilities, WiFi, access to our co-working space for you and two additional employees, training, monthly consultations, networking event opportunities and more.  
    *Businesses that require additional utilities or build out could be subject to a potential increase that would be determined prior to signing the lease.

  • When is the application deadline and when will the lease start?
    We are currently accepting applications, and the lease can being as early as mid August 2022.

  • How long is the lease?
    Keep in mind the goal of Small Town Startup's incubator program is to test your concept– and then ideally move your business into a longer term space within Robertson County. The lease is for a minimum of 6 months, and a maximum of 1.5 years. You may extend your least at any time up to 1.5 years, however you will be subject to a 10% rent increase

  • How big is the space?
    The space currently available is roughly 550 square feet and includes storage and a small office.

  • Who is responsible for shared parts of Small Town Startup's incubator program? 
    Tenants are responsible for cleaning their own space, but we are happy to connect you with our cleaning crew. As for the co-working space and common areas, on-demand rental suites and creative studios we contract with a professional cleaning service company to do regular maintenance cleaning. However, prior to each rental you are provided with a cleaning checklist to complete after your event has been completed. 

  • What changes can a tenant make to the space?
    Tenants are able to paint and attach fixtures to drywall, but must have all plans approved by Small Town Startup prior to beginning the work. The brick may not be painted, drilled into or have any fixtures attached to it at any time. Any outdoor signage, additional lighting fixtures or any other alterations will need to be approved by Small Town Startup prior to beginning work.

  • Are there requirements around minimum days open?
    When you sign up for Small Town Startup's Retail Incubator program, you are required to be open a minimum of four days per week for at least four hours per day, between the days and hours of Monday-Saturday, 10-7 pm. You may open for additional hours outside of the minimum.

  • Are there other requirements for Retail Incubator Program participants?
    As Small Town Startup's program is an incubator model and the goal is business growth – tenants must participate in all requirements within the Small Town Startup program, including attending trainings, monthly consultations and other networking events that will help drive business growth. Failure to attend or participate in the program regularly can lead to dismissal and termination of the lease.

    Acceptance into the program is contingent upon a credit check. Once accepted, tenants are required to provide a refundable security deposit equal to one month's rent.

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