101 ways to shop, visit and stay local in Springfield, TN (and just a bit beyond)

It’s no secret: we’re absolutely in love with Springfield, Tennessee and its surrounding cities in Robertson County. We’ve spent the last few years exploring, and while we wouldn’t mind keeping all of these treasures to ourselves, we were taught by our mothers that good things must be shared!

We’ve put together a completely non-exhaustive list of just a few things (101, to be exact) to do in and around Springfield. Since it’s a pretty long list, let’s get right to it!

1. Take a walk on Springfield’s Greenway

The multi-purpose and scenic four-mile Springfield Greenway connects parks, the historic and business districts together. It passes by beautiful creeks, fun playgrounds, wooded areas and more. You never know what you’ll find, so leash up Fido and go take a stroll!

2. Go on a smoking barn tour

If you live in Robertson County, you know the season. If you don’t, don’t call 911 when you see that barn smoking! Smoking barns throughout Robertson County in the fall can be one of the most nostalgic times of the year for many residents. Take a drive down any back road, roll your windows down and enjoy the best smell on the planet: dark fired tobacco.

3. Grab a BBQ sandwich from Baldwin & Son

Since 1926, Baldwin’s has been bringing barbecue to the city of Springfield. The first location is now a super hip condo done by GS Moore & Son, but the new location still brings all the flavor. Stop by and try their pulled pork sandwiches and homemade barbecue sauce.

JI Baldwin & Son

300 Central Avenue E.

Springfield, TN 37172

4. Take a trip to Corbin Creek Greenhouse & Gifts

Corbin Creek Greenhouse specializes in outdoor annual and perennial flowers and has a variety of seasonal items available throughout the year. They also have CBD products from the hemp they grow right on their farm. Take a trip up to their two greenhouses on the most picturesque land, and let your shoulders relax a bit. Don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a few cows up in the pasture!

Corbin Creek Greenhouse & Gifts

4920 TN-161

Springfield, TN 37172


5. Tour Springfield Glass' Woolen Mill building

The Woolen Mills on North Main Street are experiencing something of a renaissance lately, and Springfield Glass was the first business to really kick it off. This beautifully renovated building is absolutely stunning - inside and out. While you’re there, check out the rest of the community of makers and bakers throughout the Woolen Mills buildings. Sugar Roots, Sweet Farm Jewelry and others are bringing those buildings back to life in the most incredible way.

6. Grab a sweet treat at La Michoacána

Horchata and avocado popsicles are just the tip of the iceberg here! Enjoy dozens of homemade flavors in both paleta (Mexican popsicle) or ice cream form. Plus, they have delicious baked goods ready to grab and go.

La Michoacána

1505 Memorial Blvd

Springfield, TN 37172

7. Head to poker night or pool tournament night at Bink's

Every Tuesday night you can join Bink's Bar and Grill for their weekly pool tournament. Poker nights happen Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, with quarterly and monthly tournaments throughout the year. Don’t forget to make it to their happy hour between 2-6 PM- and get a platter of their famous wings while you’re at it! 21 and up.

Bink’s Bar and Grill

1015 Bradley Dr

Springfield, TN 37172

8. Family night at Public House

Public House is one of the latest restaurants to open its doors to Springfield. With delicious cocktails, yummy food and a fun atmosphere, there’s something for kids AND parents to like when they visit. What we love the most? Their partnership with other companies throughout Springfield to keep a good portion of their menu local.

Public House

107 E 7th Ave

Springfield, TN 37172

9. Enjoy a cold one at BS Brew Works

BS Brew Works is Robertson County’s first brewery, and we’re proud to claim it as our own! Incredible beers come out of this place, and they’re available with some delicious bar food, too. If you haven’t had their olives, run, don’t walk. They’re the best around!

BS Brew Works

1010 S Main St.

Springfield, TN 37172

10. Tea party at Burdett's

Burdett’s Tea Shop has been serving their Blue Roses Teas in downtown Springfield since 2001. Stop by for a cuppa (or a whole pot!) and enjoy their equally famous lunch items, ranging from chicken salad (try the jumble plate!) to house-made quiche. Finally, top it all off with a scone or one of their many other delicious baked goods and a little bit of shopping in their retail section.

Burdett’s Tea Shop

618 South Main St

Springfield, TN 37172

11. Savor a Cuban latte at Historic Perk

Need a little pick-me-up from all this exploring? Historic Perk is calling your name. This adorable coffee shop opened up almost four years ago and quickly became a staple in our community. They serve up delicious breakfast and lunch items, and their Cuban latte really takes the cake (they have baked goods, too!). Try one and let us know what you think!

Historic Perk

704 S Main St

Springfield, TN 37172

12. Enjoy local honey at Wee 3 Bee

Springfield is buzzing about this place! Their retail space offers a wide variety of honey and bee products for sale. Whether you’re curious about beekeeping or just looking for that perfect artisanal honey, they have you covered. Try their bee pollen for seasonal allergies, or check out their line of specialty bath products made by local craftsmen.

Wee 3 Bee Co.

101 10th Avenue East

Springfield, Tennessee 37172

13. Indulge at Douglas & Co.

Let’s talk about this barbecue joint in a gas station just outside of town. Do NOT sleep on it. It has some of the best breakfast and lunch around, and the people who run it are just the sweetest. Plus, around the holidays, they’ll cook up pans of food you can order in advance and pass off as if you’ve cooked it on your own. We’re not saying we’ve done it before... We’re just saying we get a lot of compliments from our family about how good the turkey and dressing is. Our little secret: Douglas & Co.

Douglas & Co.

R2622 Tom Austin Hwy

Springfield, TN 37172

14. Pick up a cactus at Wild Hearts Trading Co.

Wild Hearts Trading Co. is a unique boutique over by Grain & Honey on 8th Avenue. They do incredible graphic t-shirts (custom ones, too!) and stock tons of local products like mugs, bath and body items, and more. What we love the most? Their cactus and succulent collection. They have some of the coolest arrangements for these little plants that last a long time, even for the biggest accidental plant killer.

Wild Hearts Trading Co.

208 E 8th Ave East

Springfield, TN 37172

15. Grab lunch at Mike’s Place

Over by Stewart Williams Furniture is a great meat-and-three joint serving up the perfect lunch. Mike’s Place’s menu changes each day, but it’s never not delicious. It’s cafeteria-style, so be ready to have plenty of main dish and sides to choose from (yes, mac n' cheese counts as a vegetable). Don’t forget the great desserts!

Mike's Place

819 Memorial Blvd

Springfield, TN 37172

16. Monogram some gifts at Southern Threads

Southern Threads is a women’s clothing and gift shop located on South Main Street. Not only do they have great clothing, they also have a monogram shop set up inside! In the south, monogramming everything is appropriate - we don’t care if it’s baby’s first stuffed animal, the mug you bought last week, the bag you’re taking on vacation, or the towel you purchased at Walmart on sale- monogram it. And let Southern Threads help!

Southern Threads Monogram & Gift Shop

710 S Main St

Springfield, TN 37172

17. Find the perfect holiday outfit at Hey Belle

Hey Belle is a great women’s clothing boutique right across from the Robertson County History Museum. The boutique caters to women of all ages, including little ones! They have a wide variety of styles, ranging from boho dresses to business casual. But don’t think it’s just for the ladies... Gentlemen, they have tux rentals for prom season or a special event!

Hey Belle Boutique

125 W 6th Ave

Springfield, TN 37172

18. Attend a Experience Robertson County event

Every year, the Robertson County Chamber puts on a spectacular event called Experience Robertson County. It’s a day-long festival across the entire county, with stops in all 11 cities. It typically happens in September, so make sure to mark your calendar and get out to see all that our county has to offer! Stops change every year, so follow the Robertson County Chamber Facebook page for updates.

19. Find the perfect gift at Main Street Boutique

There’s nothing better than shopping for the perfect gift at Main Street Boutique. Owner Donna Morton will not only help you find it, but she’ll wrap it so beautifully you’d wish it was for yourself! Now, we may or may not have purchased many “treat yourself” gifts here, but we plead the fifth on just *how* many.

Main Street Boutique

619 S Main St

Springfield, TN 37172

20. Explore Doc's Architectural Salvation

This is as close to treasure hunting as you’ll get in modern day. There are at least 30,000 square feet of incredible finds at Doc’s, all salvaged from historic homes and buildings throughout the United States. From full bars, to door knobs, to paintings, to carousel horses and carnival decor, you just never know what you’re going to find when you turn the corner there.

Doc's Architectural Salvation

200 E Ninth Ave

Springfield, TN

21. Go back in time at the Springfield Antique Barn

Feeling thrifty? Springfield Antique Barn features over 100 vendors in their massive space, ranging from beautiful vintage finds to quirky collectibles. Make sure to explore both floors to catch everything they have to offer, and get ready to lose yourself for a few hours!

700 Willow Street

Springfield, Tennessee

37172 USA

22. Visit the old distillery cabin at J. Travis Price Park

The old distillery cabin is thought to be one of the oldest structures in Robertson County. Local historians believe that this cabin can be linked to the early Tennessee whisky industry! The cabin is an excellent example of the rich past of Springfield. Next time you’re at the park, make sure to read the historical marker to learn a little more.

J. Travis Price Park

4155 Wilks Rd

Springfield, TN 37172

23. Sign up for dance classes at Shalom Movement

Shalom Movement is a local dance studio dedicated to offering the best dance classes in town. They offer a variety of classes such as ballet, hip-hop, and tap. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to learn about the adult dance classes that are offered throughout the year!

Shalom Movement

706 S. Main Street

Springfield, TN 37212

24. Head to Jail Alley

Jail Alley gets its name from the days when it was used to transport shackled prisoners from the previous jail site on S. Willow Street up to the courthouse. The alley is now the perfect place to take cool and unique pictures and see a little part of Springfield’s history. You can find it between 512 and 514 South Main Street, across from the historic Robertson County Courthouse.

25. Take an art class at Willow Oak

If you are wanting to express your creative side, Springfield is home to the perfect place to find your artistic voice. From calligraphy to pottery, Willow Oak offers art classes that anyone of any age can participate in. There are options for both in-person and virtual classes, and even painting parties you can join in on! In addition to art classes, the Willow Oak Center offers music lessons and tutoring for students year-round. Get your creative juices flowing and have a lot of fun while doing it!

Willow Oak Center for Arts & Learning

700 South Main Street

Springfield TN 37172

26. Pick out some lip gloss from kid entrepreneur, Leigha’s Gloss

One of the coolest things to see in Springfield is the small business community continue to grow- and that includes the kid scene! Leigha’s Gloss is an up-and-coming bath and body product company owned by Jaleigha Mason. She started the company with her mom when she was just 7 years old! They’re continuously adding new products and you can catch them at several different street fairs and events each year. You can also order anytime on their website.

27. Watch the train go by at the Depot and tap into their secret bar menu

If you are familiar with Springfield, then you know The Depot Bar and Grill. What started as a grocery store in the yard of Mr. Elliot has now become a delicious staple in our little town. Located right beside the railroad, the depot offers some of the best food and service in Springfield. The restaurant has a full service bar, and rumor has it that there might even be a secret bar menu!

The Depot Bar and Grill

1007 S Main St,

Springfield, TN 37172

28. Get a huge steak at Torino's

Have you ever been in the mood for a 20 oz. steak? Yep, you read that right. If you're ever craving a steak that weighs over a pound, then we know the place for you. In addition to their hefty steaks, Torino's is home to some of the best Greek and Italian food in the community. Since 1985, Torino’s has been serving Springfield with good food and a place to make lasting memories with friends and family. With an extensive food and drink menu, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Torino's Greek & Italian Restaurant

1701 Memorial Blvd.

Springfield, TN 37172-3728

29. Attend Good Morning Robertson County meetings

Join the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce every third Thursday of each month for their Good Morning Robertson County series. This is a perfect way to learn more about things happening in Robertson County and the businesses that make our community so great. Like their page on Facebook and stay tuned for their Facebook Live events.

30. Get involved in local politics

Ready to make a difference? You don’t have to be elected to do so, but you do need to be informed! The Board of Mayor and Aldermen for the City of Springfield meet every third Tuesday of the month at City Hall on North Main Street. It’s a public meeting that you can attend, or you can join in virtually on their Facebook page where they stream live. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen are responsible for a lot when it comes to the direction of our city. Love Springfield and want to see it succeed? Make your voice heard! Learn more here.

31. Play a round on the Legacy Golf Course

Legacy Golf Course is Springfield's city-owned course that has won plenty of awards. In fact, the course was named the second-best in Tennessee by Golf Advisor! It’s the perfect way to escape during any season for a quick round of 18.

Legacy Golf Course

100 Raymond Floyd Dr

Springfield, TN 37172

32. Walk through the historic district

The historic district is a grab bag of beautiful architecture. Whether you like Victorian homes, Craftsmen, Edwardian, Greek Revival or others, you’re bound to find it as you walk up and down the streets of the district. Start at 5th and North Main, and snake your way through from there. Bonus points if you snap a few pictures and post them using the hashtag #ExperienceSpringfield!

33. Attend South Central Growers Poinsettia Weekend

Poinsettia weekend is *the* place to be every year. South Central Growers, a major producer for many different large companies (like our local Lowe’s!) gives away a beautiful poinsettia to all who attend. You’ll be floored by how massive their greenhouses are.

South Central Growers

4724 Hire Rd

Springfield, TN 37172

34. Feed the geese at J. Travis Price Park

Take a stroll around J. Travis Price Park and bring some food for the geese to munch on- they love human interaction and snacks! It's recommended that you don't feed them bread (it can cause health problems), but they love to eat oats, birdseed, cracked corn, vegetable peels and chopped-up grapes.

J. Travis Price Park

4155 Wilks Rd

Springfield, TN 37172

35. Help with the community garden at the YMCA

The Robertson County YMCA has activities for members of all ages to enjoy. If you're someone who has a green thumb or just wants to learn more about gardening, the YMCA is always seeking volunteers to help maintain their community garden. This is an excellent way to learn new gardening tips and tricks and practice some of those skills with members of the community.

Robertson County YMCA

3332 Tom Austin Hwy

Springfield, TN 37172

36. Have a pizza party with Angelo's Pizza

Is your favorite pie a pizza pie? If so, then we know the perfect place for you. Angelo’s Pizza is a New York style pizzeria that offers many toppings, handmade pizza crusts, pastas and more. You can stop by the restaurant or order their food through Premium Food Delivery.

Angelo’s Trattoria & Pizzeria

706 South Willow Street

Springfield, TN

37. Get Willie Mae's BBQ before they sell out

Willie Mae’s is an old school, 100% hickory smoked barbeque joint right here in Springfield. They're only open for lunch from 11-2:30 or until they sell out. Yes, the barbeque is that good! Cross your fingers and hope to make it during your lunch, but if not, you can always try again tomorrow!

Willie Mae's BBQ

200 8th Ave E

Springfield, TN

39. Volunteer at LaundryLove

This incredible non-profit was started by Martha Nelson as a branch of an organization in California. Once a month, they gather at a local laundromat and do loads of laundry for anyone in need completely free. Volunteers help load up the machines and spend time with those getting their laundry done. Check out their Facebook page to learn more!

40. Tennis lessons at Curtis Holland Court

Curtis Holland represents what it means to be a good mentor to the youth here in town. For generations, he's been offering tennis lessons and served as a role model to his students. In 2018 the Garner Street Tennis courts were renamed in his honor. It's never too late to pick up a new hobby and Springfield has an excellent coach to help you fall in love with the game of tennis.

Garner Street Park

200 N Garner St

Springfield, TN 37172

41. Take your dog to Central Bark

Want to stretch your legs along with your favorite pup? Stop by Springfield’s local dog park and try out the agility courses, meet a new friend, or just enjoy the fresh air. There’s even a chance for a photo-op if your pooch enjoys the spotlight.

Garner Street Park.

200 N Garner St

Springfield, TN 37172

42. Have breakfast at Larry's

Since 1964, Larry's Restaurant has been serving the Springfield and Robertson County communities with delicious, home-cooked food. This family owned business has specials throughout the week and a daily breakfast menu. Doors open at 5 AM, so even the early risers can enjoy an amazing meal from Larry’s!

Larry’s Restaurant

204 Central Ave E

Springfield, TN

43. Sign up riding lessons at JML Farms

JML Farms offers Western style horseback riding lessons for all ages and experience levels right in our own backyard. A typical lesson includes learning how to safely walk, groom, tack and ride with a focus on the rider gaining confidence and correctly learning proper horsemanship techniques. You can work with their own horses or bring your own horse to train with. Head to their website to book your first appointment!

JML Farms

3220 Lipscomb Road

Springfield, TN, USA

44. Join in on the pickin’ outside of Springfield Guitar Company

If you love in-person music, be on the lookout for the pickin’ group outside of the Springfield Guitar company. This is a fun way to hear some live music and see artists at work. Beyond the pickin’ group, you can schedule classes with the Springfield Guitar Company and pick up a new hobby.

Springfield Guitar Company

614 S Main Street

Springfield, TN 37212

45. Visit the two animal shelters

Did you know Springfield has not one, but two animal shelters? Robertson County Animal Control and Springfield Animal Control both work diligently to reunite lost pets with their owners and adopt out animals in need of new homes. Looking to make space in your family for one more? Adopt, don’t shop!

Robertson County Animal Control

2900 W. County Farm Rd

Springfield, TN 37172

Springfield Animal Control

507 Industrial Dr

Springfield, TN 37172

46. Check out the Incredible Craftsmanship of Caleb Woodard

Caleb Woodard is a second-generation woodworker and designer here in town that specializes in custom furniture and lighting. His unique approach to his art will blow you away! Check out his virtual gallery to see what all the buzz is about.

47. Enjoy a massage at Tangles

Tangles Salon & Spa is a community of independent beauty and wellness professionals based right here in Springfield. Currently, 15 stylists, 2 nail technicians, and 2 massage therapists call the suites at Tangles Salon & Spa home. After a year like this, it's important that you treat yourself, so make an appointment and let the relaxation begin!

Tangles Salon & Spa

1502 Memorial Blvd.

Springfield, TN 37172

48. Snag fresh baked bread at Grain + Honey

Nothing says ‘home’ quite like the smell of freshly baked bread. Make your way down to Grain + Honey Bakeshop for fresh sourdough bread, cinnamon rolls, bagels, and a fully stocked pastry case. Everything is baked from scratch and tastes like home (or better!).

Grain + Honey Bakery

202 8th Ave E

Springfield, TN 37172

49. Grab a sandwich at Born & Raised

Born & Raised is Springfield's very own to-go style sandwich shop. Their sandwiches are made from ingredients that are locally sourced and packed with flavor! Along with the sandwiches, you can browse their market for uniquely local foods, many created by women-owned businesses. Next time you’re at Born & Raised, try the 'Lisa', named after our very own Lisa Arnold.

Born & Raised Market

1108 S. Main Street

Springfield, TN 37172

50. Check out the lion and the future grounds of Bransford Community Center

Bransford is an important part of the history of both Springfield and the Robertson County community. All that is left of the high school is the lion statue, which serves as a symbol of strength and hope. There are plans for the reconstruction of the community center, but until then, check out the lion statue to see a little more about our town history.

Future Site of the Bransford Community Center

1519 John L. Patterson Drive

Springfield, TN 37172

50. Become a plant parent at Tennessee Tropicals

Rare and unusual tropical plants abound at this hidden gem of a nursery. Feed your obsession in-store (by appointment only!) or feast your eyes on the images in their online shop. Whether you’re new to the magical world of plant parenthood or an experienced green thumb, the staff are happy to provide advice on how to best care for your new purchase. Visit their website to make an appointment or browse.

51. Get pampered at Added Touch

Everyone deserves to look and feel their best (especially after the year we've had). Added Touch offers medical enhancements that will exceed anyone's expectations and give you an extra boost of confidence. Schedule a consultation with them to see what's best for you!

Added Touch

502 S. Main Street

Springfield, TN 37172

52. Save room for dessert at La Fama Bakery

Beautiful tres leche cakes, rich pastries, fresh bread- how can you resist? The quality and freshness of La Fama products can’t be beat, and locals are full of rave reviews. Put in an order for a personalized cake to celebrate a special occasion!

La Fama Bakery

2404C Memorial Blvd

Springfield, TN 37172

53. Grab a bite at Dixie Maid Cafe

Established in 1953, Dixie Maid claims to be the oldest cafe in town. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Dixie Maid’s extensive menu has you covered. Check out their weekday specials and their mouth-watering omelette menu!

Dixie Maid Cafe

412 Memorial Blvd

Springfield, TN 37172

54. Visit Maker Table

From metal fabrication and design, to custom plasma-cut signs, to 3D printing & vinyl wrapping... The team at Maker Table has made making things their specialty. They've created so many amazing things, and we're always looking to see what they do next! Check out their website to see their most recent creations.

Maker Table

103 10th Ave East

Springfield, TN 37172

55. Explore the Robertson County Museum

Explore what the rich history of Robertson County has to offer! The Robertson County Museum is an excellent way to learn about all the important things that have happened in our county through the years. The museum team is knowledgeable on the history of RobCo and would love for you to stop by to ask questions and learn!

Robertson County Museum

124 West 6TH Ave.

Springfield, TN 37212

56. Zip-line at Honeysuckle Farm

Ziplining is just one of over 30 fun attractions at this beautiful spot! Try the rockwall if you’re still feeling adventurous after your ride through the air, or check out the Treehouse Village, gemstone mining, or apple blasters. Attractions vary seasonally and are fun for the whole family.

Honeysuckle Farm

1765 Martins Chapel Rd

Springfield, TN 37172

57. Pick up breakfast from Mami Panchi Grill

Breakfast lovers rejoice! Mami Panchi has a great breakfast menu sure to fill you up in a flash (and on a budget). They’re also home to plenty of delicious Central American and Mexican items, from seafood soups to fried plantains.

Mami Panchi Grill

2808 Memorial Blvd

Springfield, TN 37172

58. Take a Virtual Yoga Class with Evoke Springfield

Evoke Springfield is a fitness studio now offering online classes due to COVID-19. There are virtual dance and yoga classes that people of all ages and fitness levels can join in on to relieve stress and burn some extra calories. Join their Facebook page to get in on the next class!

59. Enroll in group or private lessons at Mr. Perry’s School of Rock

If you have a child that is interested in learning a new skill, then you need to check out Mr. Perry’s School of Rock. The school runs on a 14 week semester schedule with weekly classes that culminate in students perform in their own concert. This is a fun way to be introduced to the world of music in a unique and different setting- check out their website for details!

Mr. Perry’s School of Rock

502 South Main Street

Springfield, TN 37212

60. Unwind at Carmen's Day Spa

Restore the health, beauty, and balance of your skin with customized, expert treatments from Master Esthetician, Carmen Reyes-Velez. This is a great way to treat yourself or loved ones to a relaxing day off. This spot is open Monday through Saturday, so no matter your schedule you can still enjoy their services.

Carmen’s Day Spa

607 Locust Street

Springfield, TN 37212

61. Take a picture at the Experience Springfield mural downtown

This beautiful mural encompasses a little bit of everything Springfield has to offer- dark fired tobacco, railroads, music- all in one perfect photo-op. Located right up the street from Public House, Burdett’s, and other local favorites! Make sure to use #ExperienceSpringfield to share your photo!

62. Canoe the Red River with Run-a-Muck Outfitters

Run-a-Muck Outfitters is a hidden gem for kayaking or canoeing along the Red River with your friends and family. Run-a-Muck is an excellent choice for adventurers of all experience levels who want to experience a float trip. Although they're closed for the season, it's definitely something to keep on your radar for the summer.

Run-a-Muck Outfitters

3011 Port Royal Rd.

Adams, TN 37010

63. Test out the vintage motorized bikes at Epic Bike Shop

Epic Bike Shop is home to some of the most unique bikes you can find. Their vintage bikes have a modern twist- motors! You can even have a custom bike built just for you, right here in Springfield. Next time you’re in the market for a new bike, check these guys out!

Epic Bike Shop

2650 Old U.S. 431

Springfield, TN 37212

64. Pick your own strawberries at Head’s Farm

Hankering for some farm-fresh produce? Head just down the road to Cedar Hill for the highest quality tomatoes, sweet corn, squash, and more! If you feel like getting your hands dirty, you can pick your own strawberries in the spring or pumpkins in the fall. Monthly night markets run May-October and feature a rotating variety of local products! Check their website for most up-to-date information.

Heads Farm

3422 Kinneys Rd

Cedar Hill, TN 37172

65. Get certified to scuba dive at Tennessee Divers

Tennessee may be landlocked, but you can get certified to scuba dive just outside of Springfield, in Greenbrier! Under the instruction of highly experienced instructors, you’ll take part in a program customized to fit your skills and goals. Tennessee Divers offers both basic, advanced, and speciality training, as well as refresher courses. Grab a friend and get ready to conquer the deep! Learn more at their website.

66. Grab a scoop of ice cream at Golly G’s

Take a short trip to Greenbrier for a scoop (or two… or three!) of Golly G’s famous homemade ice cream. Enjoy blended into a milkshake, served as a sundae, or in a classic waffle cone. Bonus: they have a full coffee bar, lunch menu, and bakery with plenty of other sweet treats to choose from. You do NOT want to miss their infamous cinnamon rolls!

Golly G's Greenbrier

2551 Hwy 41S

Greenbrier TN 37073

67. Go camping, canoeing, or kayaking at Red River Canoe and check out their Tree of Soles

Rent a canoe or kayak and make your way down the peaceful Red River, or book a tent-camping site for a few nights under the stars. Red River Canoe has operated since 1985 and is full of personality, as you’ll see when you pass by their ‘Tree of Soles’. Military discounts and RV camping sites available. Book on their website.

68. Enjoy a gallery of local art at Rebecca’s Shop

Rebecca Sower is an incredible artist who works on canvas, jewelry, and other items out of her little shop on South Main Street. She’s often found there creating behind the partition, so stop in and enjoy a great conversation and pick up a few pieces to spruce up your home.

Rebecca's Shop

613 S Main St

Springfield, TN 37172

69. Play some basketball on the new court at MLK Jr. Park

Grab some friends and family and play a pick-up game of basketball on the new court at Martin Luther King Jr. Park. This is a great way to make some new memories and get some exercise while doing it!

MLK Jr. Park

2623 S. Main Street

Springfield, TN 37212

70. Throw a few pitches at the baseball diamond in American Legion Park

Baseball is known as the great American pastime, so why not practice your pitching at the American Legion Park? This is a great way to stay active and get the whole family involved in the fun.

American Legion Park

4660 Memorial Blvd.

Springfield, TN 37212

71. Take a candle making class at Wine City Candle Co.

Everyone loves the aroma of a candle burning. Now imagine how good that candle would smell if it was one that you made yourself! Wine City Candle Co. offers classes that will help you do just that. This would be a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family and learn a new skill!

Wine City Candle Co.

101 5th Avenue W, Suite 2

Springfield, TN 37172

72. Visit the library for a new read

Springfield’s beautiful public library is home to a plethora of books in addition to private study rooms, genealogy resources, and activities for teens and kids. Enjoy a quiet moment with your favorite classic or explore e-book options.

Stokes Brown Public Library

405 White St

Springfield, TN 37172

73. See a show put on by the Robertson County Players

Although the 2021 season may feel far off, you don’t want to miss marking your calendar for upcoming shows from the local theater group. The Robertson County Players have been bringing the performing arts to Springfield and the surrounding area for over forty years. Check out 2021 shows and tickets on their website.

74. Update family photos with Shelby Andal photography

Need a shot for the Christmas card? Shelby Andal Photography is an internationally recognized senior, teen, and family portrait photographer based out of Springfield. Her passion for creating unique and memorable moments for her clients shines through each image. Bonus: she’s a lot of fun! Book on her website.

75. Take a ride at Highland Rim

If you're a fan of speed racing, then Robertson County has the perfect place for you. The Highland Rim speedway is a fun race track for adrenaline-loving friends and family. Visit their website to see when their next race will be and how you can get involved with all things Highland Rim.

Highland Rim Speedway

6801 Kelly Willis Rd.

Greenbrier, TN 37073

76. Enjoy the lunch specials at El Molcajete (or Elmo’s, as the locals call it)

Elmo's has some of the most amazing Mexican food right here in Springfield. Grab some queso or guac, a margarita or two, and let the fun times begin! If you are wanting to stay in for the night, you can even get your order delivered via Premium Food Delivery.

El Molcajete

1706 Kirby Street

Springfield, TN 37212

77. Try a new sushi roll at Ichiban

Springfield’s favorite Japanese steakhouse is always a popular choice among locals. Enjoy a bento box, one of their signature rolls, or made-to-order hibachi. Make sure to ask for the spicy rice as a side- it’s a customer favorite.


2021 Memorial Blvd

Springfield, TN 37172

78. Enjoy some kimchi at Galbiya

Whether you’re an avid fan of Korean food or just interested in trying something new, you don’t want to miss what Galbiya Korean Cuisine has to offer. Try their RaMyeon (spicy instant noodles) or SamGyobSal (pan-fried pork belly). Don’t forget to take advantage of their lunch specials Monday-Friday from 10:30-2 PM!

Galbiya Korean Cuisine

3538 Tom Austin Hwy STE 13


79. Get designer cookies from Bake A Wish Cakery

If you're wanting unique cookies or cakes for your next birthday or event, Bake A Wish Cakery is the place to go. Visit their Facebook page to see just how creative they can get. They're ready and willing to make all your cake and cookie dreams come true!

80. Grab a gyro at Music City Gyros

Craving some Mediterranean cuisine? Then don’t miss this standout spot. Meat-lovers and vegetarians alike will love the variety of offerings available. Try their chicken cone with a side of tabbouleh for an authentic experience!

Music City Gyros

2008 Memorial Blvd

Springfield, tn 37172

81. Pick up a hot dozen at Donut Palace

Doughnuts, breakfast croissants, biscuits, kolaches… whatever you’re craving, Donut Palace has it hot out of the oven for you. Cheer up the workplace with a morning treat or spoil yourself on a Sunday. They’re open seven days a week!

Donut Palace

499 10th E Ave

Springfield, TN 37172

82. Spend the night in the Ark or a luxury treehouse at Kelly’s Jubilee

Looking to unwind with a little staycation? Check out this hidden gem tucked away in Springfield! Kelly’s Jubilee boasts over 50 acres of beautiful property complete with a creek, fishing pond, hiking trails, and even a labyrinth of wildflowers!

Spend an unforgettable night in the Ark or one of two luxury treehouses. If you’re not looking for a night away from it all, grab a day pass to enjoy the scenic views and unique art installations. Book on their website.

Kelly's Jubilee

3052 Old New Cut Road

Springfield, TN 37172

83. Pick up some gentlemen’s hair and beard products at Dixon Hair Co.

Stock up on your favorite Victory Brand pomades, gels, and beard oils at this men’s grooming salon downtown, or schedule a shave or cut. John has 12+ years of professional experience and a super cool space for you to enjoy!. Book through email or by calling 615-640-0088.

Dixon Hair Co.

101 5th Ave W #6

Springfield, TN 37172

84. Update your home decor with Ophelia Home

Love everything vintage and refurbished? You don’t want to miss Ophelia Home, self-described ‘furniture rescuer’ and purveyor of beautiful things. If you’re looking for the perfect piece to pull a room together, a small gift for an antique-loving friend, or just a beautiful space to wander, Ophelia Home fits the bill.

Ophelia Home

101 5th Avenue W

Springfield, TN 37172

85. Order a handcrafted mug from Gehman Pottery

Gehman Pottery Works is a local pottery company with a sense of personality. Their unique hand-thrown mugs are incredibly intricate and ornate (down to the tiniest details!), and each batch sells out quickly. Grab one of their signature face mugs for a fun take on your morning coffee, or pick up a Tennessee-themed mug often found at Wild Hearts Trading Company. Check their Instagram (@gehmanpottery) frequently to make sure you don’t miss out on locations or new items!

86. Take a dance fitness class at The Center

Looking for a fun way to burn some extra calories? Lori Cook offers dance fitness classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15 at The Center. Classes are only $4, making this a fitness deal that can’t be beat!

The Center

401 N Main Street

Springfield TN 37172

87. Enjoy a sweet treat at Sugar Roots Bakery

Sweet tooths rejoice! Sugar Roots’ menu is packed with brownies, doughnuts, cakes, macarons… you name it! Everything is crafted from scratch and sure to please even the toughest crowd. Party platters and speciality cakes are available for pre-order, and many items have gluten-free options. Check out their website for a weekly menu.

Sugar Roots Bakery

27 North Main Unit 1

Springfield, TN 37172

88. Plan a post-covid party with Parties R Us

After COVID-19 is over, we all could use a little fun. Parties R Us is a local party planning business that has everything you need to throw the party of your dreams. They offer bounce houses, event space, and other party related services. The Parties R Us team is family-owned and operated and their kindness and willingness to make your wildest dreams come true is what sets them apart!

Parties R Us

214 8th Ave E

Springfield, TN 37172

89. Find a gift or a new read at Crossroads Christian Bookstore

Crossroads is a great spot whether you’re looking for a new book, a gift for a friend, or a thoughtful greeting card. Their website is well-suited for online browsing or for those not ready to shop in-store. The shop is a great resource for homeschool parents, as well!

CrossRoads Christian Bookstore

600 S Main St

Springfield, TN 37172

90. Book the photography studio at Small Town Startup and grab some personality pics

Looking for a new headshot or just want to play around behind the lens? Small Town Startup’s co-working space offers a photography studio that can be rented by the hour! Grab your pictures and then check out the editing bay, podcast studio, and other amenities in this clean, modern space.

Make a reservation on our website.

91. Get a block print at Dusty Rose Block Press

Swing by Dusty Rose to pick up a creative new print to add to your collection. Hand-carved block presses leave their stamp on everything from decorative tea towels to vintage clothing. While you’re there, browse their selection of candles, planters, and local art!

Dusty Rose Block Press

605 S Main St

Springfield, TN 37172

92. Get supplies for that home improvement project at Walker Hardware

Looking to finish that ‘little’ home project you’ve been putting off for months? Walker Hardware has you covered with rental equipment, electrical & plumbing supplies, hardware, small engine parts, and more. With over 30 years of service and experience, you can trust you’re in good hands.

Walker Hardware

3573 Tom Austin Highway

Springfield, TN 37172

93. Enjoy a fish fry at The Catfish House

A Springfield classic! Enjoy a laid-back dining atmosphere at this American-style restaurant specializing in homestyle seafood and Southern dishes. Bring your appetite, and make sure you order a side of hushpuppies with your all-you-can-eat catfish!

The Catfish House

3424 Tom Austin Hwy

Springfield, TN 37172

94. Take a self-defense class at The Training Edge

If you're wanting to learn some basic self-defense moves, the Training Edge here in Springfield offers several different types of classes for various skill levels. Along with their self defense classes, the studio offers martial arts classes for children of all ages. This is a great way for you and your family to learn how to protect yourselves and be more active!

The Training Edge

406 Memorial Blvd.

Springfield, TN 37212

95. Grab a beautiful new living room piece at Stewart Williams

Make furniture shopping fun at Stewart Williams Furniture! Friendly staff are always ready to help you find the perfect addition to your home, whether it’s a new recliner for lounging or a new dining room table to gather around as a family. Check their Facebook and Instagram frequently for sales!

Stewart Williams

801 Memorial Blvd

Springfield, TN 37172

96. Book a manicure at The Parlour

Who doesn’t love a fresh mani? Book a manicure, pedicure, or hair appointment with Olivia and her team at the Parlour for a little bit of well-deserved pampering. Located on the ground floor of recently renovated Woodard Hall, this beautiful space is available by appointment only. Contact Olivia by email to book.

97. Volunteer at the Food Bank of Robertson County

United Ministries runs the Robertson County Food Bank to provide for families in need. The ministry is staffed entirely by volunteer workers, and can open their doors only as long as donations and workers are available. Visit their Facebook to learn how you can get involved with the organization to help those in need by giving time, money, or food items.

98. Grab a picture of the clock tower at sunset

Some photos just stage themselves. Swing by the courthouse as the sun is setting and look up- Springfield’s most recognizable landmark is breathtaking when silhouetted against a Tennessee sunset.

501 S Main St

Springfield, TN 37172

99. Stock up on bath salts and other goodies at The Artisan Bar

This woman-owned company manufactures heavenly smelling soaps, salts, balms, and other skincare products in small batches. Spoil yourself or someone you love with their seasonal scents. Bonus: everything is ethically sourced.

Artisan Bar

101 5th Avenue W

Springfield, TN 37172

100. Learn all about hot sauce at Kenny Bob’s Foods

If you prefer the more spicy side of life, you’re not going to want to miss Kenny Bob’s. Browse (and test!) their many flavors of sauces and rubs in this cowboy-themed shop. Kenny Bob’s sauce are made from scratch with quality spices, herbs, and peppers. Perfect for the barbecue enthusiast in your life!

Kenny Bob’s Foods

101 5th Avenue W

Springfield, TN 37172

101. Explore the Robertson County Archives

If you’re a RobCo native looking to trace your roots, this is your starting point. Explore marriage records, wills, estate records, city council minutes, and more on microfilm. If you’re trying to unravel a family mystery, your answer may be tucked away here!

Robertson County Archives

504 S Willow St

Springfield, TN 37172

There's something for everyone in and around Springfield, with small businesses popping up all the time. This is an excellent year to shop small and shop local to support the people that make our communities great. What are your favorite things to do in Springfield?


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