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Why The Support Local Everything Campaign Exists

Small Town Startup exists to grow small businesses in small towns. While we do this through informative, low-cost classes and workshops for small businesses owners, a co-working space where they can work and create content to grow their brands with, and a digital marketing agency that helps to spread the word, but we knew there was more we could do - together.

In Robertson County, our small business community is a close-knit group of supporters and advocates for each other. Taking our beautiful Robertson County Courthouse bell tower, we created merchandise our community can proudly wear to show their support locally. And most importantly, with each purchase, a portion of the sale goes right back into building the future of the small business community.

Small Town Startup takes a portion of each sale and places it into a fund that allows businesses to apply for micro-gifts from. The gifts range from $250 to $1,000 and are awarded for growth needs such as startup costs, new equipment and more.

Participants who are awarded a grant are required to stay in touch with Small Town Startup for the first 90 days after their gift has been awarded to keep us up-to-date on their progress. We'll also feature them on our blog and on social media, and if they have a brick and mortar location, they'll proudly sport a Small Town Startup Support Local Everything Gift Recipient sticker on their window space.

Together, we are strong through thick and thin. Support Local Everything!


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Old School Tattoo Style Tee, Available S-XXL

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Retro Style Canvas Tote


Classic Style Tee, Available S-XXL

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