Small Town Startup inspires and guides entrepreneur communities in small towns. We connect with 

existing organizations to enrich their offerings by delivering programs and content for leaders ages 8 through adulthood. We also host our own events.

Small Town Startup provides programs, classes and consultation to the adult entrepreneur community. The proceeds from those programs help fund programs for youth leaders from all backgrounds and income levels. Small Town Start-Up, Inc. pushes for inclusivity and diversity to create thriving and sustainable businesses that push small towns forward in innovative ways.

Our model is simple and cyclical: 

  • Youth events fuel the future of business and develop highly-skilled leaders ready innovate in small towns.

  • Adult events fuel current innovations and successful new businesses in small towns to create an ecosystem that future leaders will easily find opportunities in.

  • Business and private partnerships help fuel the future of small towns, their leaders and their communities as a whole, regardless of economic status.

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Proudly based in beautiful springfield, tennessee.

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